The Process

PTS Thrive is a three phase mentoring/coaching process defined as
Surviving, Sustaining, and Thriving.


This is short-term crisis intervention in which a mentor engages a minister in order to equip with helpful skills and competencies to respond to immediate challenges and transitions. The mentor will us on the minister’s formation, family, and context. Mentoring will include one-on-one and group sessions between coaches and participants over a six-month period.


This continues the mentoring process with the goal of sustaining the intervention through resource development, development of initiatives, and assessing progress. In this stage the mentee/client becomes increasingly self-directed by learning to identify and utilize resources currently available in ministry. The mentor will take on a consultative role helping the mentee/client identify and develop a strategic plan for ministry. This is a second six month process with a decreasing emphasis on mentoring concurrent with an increasing emphasis on coaching.


A coaching process in which the minister moves from sustained intervention to thriving and building resilience for encountering future transitions in ministry. Clients will be provided the tools needed to engage in a coaching relationship through the use of powerful questions and accountability strategies so that they might become self-directed and empowered thriving pastors. This is a third six month process in which the client becomes coach.

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